Wednesday, July 16, 2014

9 weeks with baby #6

Just in case there is someone who still reads here but is not on Facebook or Instagram we are excited to announce that we are expecting baby #6. According to ultrasound baby is due February 18. I hope to keep records throughout the pregnancy so I should be around to update the blog periodically. I love being able to go back to my past posts and read about the other pregnancies.

My body has definitely already started changing. By evening I look very pregnant. My jeans are already uncomfortable and my shirts are aggravating because they often don't stay in place. I haven't yet pulled out any maternity clothes.

We just put out our house on the market on Monday and it's quite the challenge to keep it neat and clean especially with all day sickness in full force.  There are on average 6 houses that sell in our tiny town each year so it's possible that it will take a long time to sell.

We have been continuing with school throughout the summer. There have been several unintended long breaks. The curriculum fair is Friday and I hope to nail down exactly what we will be doing this upcoming year. I have a pretty good idea but there are a few things I want to look at in person before making a decision.

Friday, December 27, 2013

December 2013

Goodbye 2013

2013, the year of change. It seems as if almost everything in our life has changed this year. For once though, we do still live in the same house. It's had a few debt-free facelifts like new hardwood in the kitchen and dining room, free carpet in the computer room,  a paint job in the "red" room which is now beige and houses the master, a half finished remodeled bathroom, a new dryer, dishwasher, and stove. Yeah, it's been a big year for home improvements.
Jeremy started his job in real estate. I think that will forever be an adventure. : ) It's been a huge blessing in so many ways but a challenge in lots of areas too. Josh is half way through 9th grade, his first homeschooled year. And of course Eva graced our family with her the hospital lobby, a story I'll never forget. As I try to type this up, she's maneuvering around the floor getting into all kind of mischief.
The Lord has taught us so much, some hard lessons, some easier ones. He's shown us some areas that we were residing in legalism and some we needed to tighten up. It's been a year of growth, sometimes a struggle for growth. I feel like a failure in so many ways, in every area of my identity: Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. My lack of discipline plagues me daily. But His grace is new every day, for which I am beyond grateful. So often I want to take His Word and my family and pull a blanket over our heads and hide in the closet. There is so much I want to teach them, to warn them, to show them, to hide them, to protect them. The warning bell sounds. Time is drawing near and I continually squander my days. I desire change. My soul burns with hope for change, for once to be consistent in purposefulness. But distractions call, the work calls and I chose the good instead of the best.
I miss blogging. I miss getting the chance to sit down and pound out my thoughts and keep detailed records of days. But our days are so full there's not much time or energy left over for blogging. As you notice my posts have turned into posts with only pictures and a few words, only for the sake of my blurb book. So for now, I've decided to pretty much give up blogging. My plan it to communicate via Facebook and Instagram and make photos books to supplement for the blurb book. I plan to keep the blog up to occasionally post big news or just for my own ability to review the blog at will.

2013 Christmas Kiddo Line Up

Eva 7 1/2 months

Katie 27 months

Zion 3 1/2
Emma 5 1/2
Maggie 7
Autumn 12
Natalie 13

Josh 15

Christmas Morning at the Hotel



Christmas Eve

Daddy's Yummy Breakfast

Goody Bags for Kiddos at home



My Oldest and Youngest

A worn out, fussy, restless baby at 9:30PM. About to start
the second Christmas Eve exchange. No pictures from Great

Cousin Layla

Jeremy's brother's family (minus one)

Jeremy's Family
Tearing into that thing

Pinning the Sheriff

Rain Gear

Cousin Luke

More Rain gear (and a sick little girl)

serenading us cowboy style

Even more rain gear

Not a happy girl

Cousin Gabriel


Guitar and amp

Jacket and money


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