Saturday, September 13, 2014

17 Weeks

17 weeks down and seems like forever to go. I'm just not a very good pregnant person. I want time to fly by for the pregnancy but I want time to go slow while I enjoy my kiddos.  I guess I can't have it both ways. 

I've been trying to drink lots of water, taking my prenatals and a Calcuim/Mag/D3/K2 supplement. I've tried to make it a point to get out and walk about 20 minutes a day....meaning I've done it three times in the last month. My weight is between 124 and 126 (I started at 114). I've really been trying to eat really healthy. I use my crockpot several times a week. Love that thing. 

 My varicose veins in my right leg are awful. Nothing seems to help them except for the compression socks that I finally broke down and bought. I have such a huge pool of blood near my ankle that I really battle with the fear of blood clots in it. The other day, I cut myself shaving (which is so common for me) and instead of it bleeding endlessly like I usually do, it just clotted right at the site. Eck! Freaked me out. 

I go back on the 23rd for my 19 week ultrasound. I am super excited to find out if this is a boy or girl. I have no inclination either way. But it seems the more children we have the more nervous I am about the health of the baby at the midway ultrasound. Terrible theology but I keep feeling like it's "our turn" for complications (grant it, we've already had one semi-complicated pregnancy, labor, delivery, and poor newborn health). 

My heart still races quite a lot and I've had several spells where I get up from the couch and can't see due to being really light headed and then my limbs so numb and then tingly. My MW said it's related to blood pressure. Several times I've slid down the wall until I can see again and regain my composure. Crazy stuff. 

So there. That's about it, I think. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Baby #6 First Trimester Update

13 Weeks

Baby #6

-negative test on Wednesday June 4th (only cycle was May 7th)

- faint positive on Monday June 9th (3wk 5d) took a week for it to get dark
- gave it Jeremy as an early Father's Day Gift

- first dr appointment June 30 - ultrasound dated baby as 6 wks 5 days due Feb 18

- started feeling sick around 6 weeks

- really really sick around 7 - 8 weeks even took some prescribed neausa meds (twice)

- tried switching up vitamins but only helped one day

- found the heartbeat at home on the doppler at 8 wks 6 days

- varicose veins not be having too badly - occasional numbness in right foot and they are protruding but not too badly

- at 10 weeks naseau is better; still very very tired; prone to nausea if not eating frequently; having coffee mid morning helps a lot with sickness and fatigue; usually do half a cup in the mooring and half a cup in the afternoon

- maternity tops feel much more comfy and my jeans are a little too snug - weight gain around albs at 11 weeks, mostly from overeating

- Ending this at (almost) 14 weeks - weighing in around 122 which is about 7 pound weight gain - veins in my foot and leg very noticeable and occasionally uncomfortable - I try to keep my foot propped up as much as possible - nausea gone but fatigue still hanging around - occasionally winded but not too bad - appetite is back and really desiring GOOD tasty food

Amended Homeschool Plans for 2014 - 2015

(Eva sniffing Maggie's skirt during lessons)

I figured since I put our original plans on the blog I might ought to come back and post the changes we've made. We're a few weeks into things and some things weren't working too well. 

(a couch full of learners)

Math - We are loving Horizons. I thought about moving Emma back into the Workbook B for First Grade but she's moving along well after an initial brain freeze so I'm leaving things as planned. I admit that the girls don't know their addition/subtraction facts by memory and that *really* slows things down. I just can't seem to bring myself to drill with flashcards but I guess that's the only way to memorize them. Suggestions? 

(a little one on one)

Reading/Phonics - I almost bailed on Abeka Reading but after a friend offered me the needed flashcards for free we're plugging ahead. We seem to be making good progress. I don't want reading to be drudgery so I'm keeping things short and typically end the lesson when they start getting flustered. We're normally finished before that point. 

(Eva learning to cook)

Spelling - I totally bailed on Sequential Spelling. Not because I think it's a bad program. I actually want to use it in the future but just seemed more "intense" than what I wanted this year. So I ordered the Abeka First Grade Spelling book to go with the Phonics we are already using. It's simple and quick. 

(Z and K "reading" the Jesus Storybook)

I also decided to put up BJU Bible 2 until the girls are able to read better on their own. It was too much at this point. So we're going back to reading from The Jesus Storybook Bible and discussing it in detail. The littles love this too. And I do too. I can rarely make it through a story with my voice cracking and tears flowing. 

So I think that about sums up the changes.... so far. Things are always changing. We've added in a few extra curricular activities, which is a first for us, but more on that later. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

2014 - 2015 School Year

We are anxiously awaiting our school materials to arrive in the mail. I would have preferred to already have them in hand but I had to wait until the annual Curriculum Fair came to town so I could look at some things in person. Looking at random sample pages just doesn't do it for me. Plus they usually have extra discounts at the fairs.

So Maggie, 7 and Emma 6, are both doing second grade. Emma is keeping up very well but if at anytime I feel like it's too much for her I plan to slow the pace on her lessons. I've tried to keep it simple this year. I have a tendency to try to add in so many supplemental books or workbooks that we end up all over the place. This is the first time for us to use so traditional curriculum choices so we'll see how we like. Our main focus this year will still be Math and Reading with the other subjects being on alternating days.

Math - Horizons 2 (everyday)

Reading/Phonics - Abeka Sounds 1 (everyday)- We finished MFW First grade but I'm just not happy with the girls reading abilities so we are going to do Abeka's first grade phonics. Hopefully we'll breezy through the first half and then take the second half more slowly.

Science - Abeka  Enjoying God's World 2 -(2 days a week) We are just going to be reading through this together. No tests. No worksheets. Just discussion.

History - Abeka Our America 2 -(2 days a week) Same as Science. Just reading and discussing. We are also planning to attend a class at church twice a month (for 50 minutes) with 1 or 2 other families and do a group class with the Mystery of History Book 1. The older 3 will all be participating in this.

Bible - BJU Bible Truths 2 - (everyday)  I'm going to try this. Last year we didn't "do" Bible as a subject. I (think) I like the way this is laid out and I really thing all the kiddos (minus Eva) would enjoy it. I plan to let the little 2 color a related picture while the older 2 do the actual workbook stuff.

Handwriting - A Reason for Writing T - (unsure of frequency) We are going to be incorporating cursive for Maggie right away and hopefully Emma by mid-year.


Spelling - Sequential Spelling 1 - I have not order this yet. I like the approach of this program but I am thinking of waiting until later in the year to start it.

Grammar - Easy Grammar 2 - I haven't ordered this yet either. I am thinking of introducing it later in the year.

Typing - Keyboarding without Tears - Not sure when I plan to incorporate this. Anyone ever used this program?????

We also have our Geography workbook and Explode the Code workbooks we didn't finish last year. I might plan to work those in as well.

That about sums it up. Zion, 4 will be not be doing any preschool stuff this year, at least not anytime soon. I plan to just let him color in his "school" book when he feels the need for school. : ) Otherwise, play play play.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

9 weeks with baby #6

Just in case there is someone who still reads here but is not on Facebook or Instagram we are excited to announce that we are expecting baby #6. According to ultrasound baby is due February 18. I hope to keep records throughout the pregnancy so I should be around to update the blog periodically. I love being able to go back to my past posts and read about the other pregnancies.

My body has definitely already started changing. By evening I look very pregnant. My jeans are already uncomfortable and my shirts are aggravating because they often don't stay in place. I haven't yet pulled out any maternity clothes.

We just put out our house on the market on Monday and it's quite the challenge to keep it neat and clean especially with all day sickness in full force.  There are on average 6 houses that sell in our tiny town each year so it's possible that it will take a long time to sell.

We have been continuing with school throughout the summer. There have been several unintended long breaks. The curriculum fair is Friday and I hope to nail down exactly what we will be doing this upcoming year. I have a pretty good idea but there are a few things I want to look at in person before making a decision.

Friday, December 27, 2013

December 2013

Goodbye 2013

2013, the year of change. It seems as if almost everything in our life has changed this year. For once though, we do still live in the same house. It's had a few debt-free facelifts like new hardwood in the kitchen and dining room, free carpet in the computer room,  a paint job in the "red" room which is now beige and houses the master, a half finished remodeled bathroom, a new dryer, dishwasher, and stove. Yeah, it's been a big year for home improvements.
Jeremy started his job in real estate. I think that will forever be an adventure. : ) It's been a huge blessing in so many ways but a challenge in lots of areas too. Josh is half way through 9th grade, his first homeschooled year. And of course Eva graced our family with her the hospital lobby, a story I'll never forget. As I try to type this up, she's maneuvering around the floor getting into all kind of mischief.
The Lord has taught us so much, some hard lessons, some easier ones. He's shown us some areas that we were residing in legalism and some we needed to tighten up. It's been a year of growth, sometimes a struggle for growth. I feel like a failure in so many ways, in every area of my identity: Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. My lack of discipline plagues me daily. But His grace is new every day, for which I am beyond grateful. So often I want to take His Word and my family and pull a blanket over our heads and hide in the closet. There is so much I want to teach them, to warn them, to show them, to hide them, to protect them. The warning bell sounds. Time is drawing near and I continually squander my days. I desire change. My soul burns with hope for change, for once to be consistent in purposefulness. But distractions call, the work calls and I chose the good instead of the best.
I miss blogging. I miss getting the chance to sit down and pound out my thoughts and keep detailed records of days. But our days are so full there's not much time or energy left over for blogging. As you notice my posts have turned into posts with only pictures and a few words, only for the sake of my blurb book. So for now, I've decided to pretty much give up blogging. My plan it to communicate via Facebook and Instagram and make photos books to supplement for the blurb book. I plan to keep the blog up to occasionally post big news or just for my own ability to review the blog at will.

2013 Christmas Kiddo Line Up

Eva 7 1/2 months

Katie 27 months

Zion 3 1/2
Emma 5 1/2
Maggie 7
Autumn 12
Natalie 13

Josh 15

Christmas Morning at the Hotel




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