Monday, April 12, 2010

An Unexpected Trip to the (adult) ER

For someone who didn't plan on having any hospital bracelets throughout this pregnancy and birth
I have ended up with 3 different sets from 3 different visits/stays more medicine than I've had
in a decade.

Count it all joy when you fall into various trials
knowing that the testing of your faith produces
patience. James 1:2

This blog has turned into a way to remember the crazy days so bare with me as I relay the details for my own memory.

The following story contains female postpartum information.

Yesterday afternoon after returning from a run to the grocery store with Maggie, I noticed that my bleeding (which had stopped during the first week) was now bright red. I had done the same thing with both Maggie and Emma (although I never stopped bleeding completely like I did this time) so I really thought nothing of it. But a couple of hours later I started gushing blood. I immediately told mom that I needed to get to the ER NOW. So daddy (who was already here) agreed to take the girls outside and distract them while we loaded Zion in the car and sped away. I sat on a towel on the way to the hospital all the while remembering sitting on another towel on the way to hospital when my water broke to have the little man.

I called the on call doctor for my OB/GYN group and he confirmed that I needed to get to the ER. We pulled up and mom went and got a wheel chair and wheeled Zion and I inside. By this time I was lightheaded and close to freaking out. She wheeled us in and we filled out the necessary paperwork and was told they were full in Labor and Delivery (which is who sees emergency postpartum patients) but they would get to me as fast as they could. So we sat in the ER waiting room, nursing and talking.

Finally I was wheeled up to L&D where women were laboring in the hall waiting to be seen. I was taken into a triage room where I was hooked up to all sorts of monitors and given an IV. L&D was horrified that I had been sitting down stairs bleeding. I told them I was too. : ) The nurses were all exceptionally nice but the sweet nurse inserting my IV made a horrific mess and had blood squirting all over me and the floor. It just mixed in with all the other blood already covering the floor from my entrance a few moments before. Too many doctors (male of course) came in to evaluate the situation and after much examination and an ultrasound they decided I had some big long medical word that basically means a clot had formed closing the uterus so all the blood from the last 2 weeks was backed up behind it. Once the clot moved all the blood and weeks worth of clots came gushing out. Nice huh?

So I was given medication to make my uterus contract and to stop the flow of blood. I haven't taken any prescription medicine in over a decade. The medicine is suppose to produce contraction like cramps but PRAISE THE LORD I haven't had any that compare to labor. While waiting to be discharged (by now it's 9PM) my IV starts filling up with blood. When they come to undo it, you guessed it, it caused blood to squirt out the end and yes, all over me and the floor.

I take the medicine for 6 days with the lovely side affects of nausea, cramping, and hot flashes. Did I mention life is a little complicated right now? For a family who desires natural healing and living we sure are a long way from that. But I do praise God for modern medicine especially since without it Zion wouldn't be with us right now.

On a good note, little Zion "passed" his post jaundice check up with the pediatrician this morning. She doesn't think he is as yellow as he was Thursday so we didn't have to have another bili check. Hooray. Praise the Lord.


Alice said...

Oh Emily! What a time you're having! I'm happy that you have been taken care of (in a manner of speaking!) and that everything will be okay, but sorry to hear that you've been dealing with another hurdle. It's great news about Zion's bili check - yay!

Praying for rest and no further complications!

blessedmama said...

Good grief Emily! Wow...I do agree, praise God for modern medicine during times like these when you need it. So glad you're alright and hope you're feeling up to par soon!

Christine said...

Bless your heart, Emily. I am hoping that everything is back to normal, very quickly for you. Big hugs!

Lauren Christine said...

Emily I am so sorry that all this has happened!! I'll be praying for you dear. Lots of love and Hugs.

Quinn said...

My goodness, I'm so sorry to hear that! I'm really hoping that you will soon be able to get on with "life as normal" and that dr.'s visits and er trips will be a thing of the past!

Laura said...

Goodness gracious, Emily. I'm so sorry. I'm sure you're more than ready for one of those quiet days where you wonder what to do next! I'm so glad that Zion passed his jaundice check!


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