Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Biggest Blessing of Blogging

This...this is the biggest blessing of blogging. 
The chance to meet like minded that otherwise 
I wouldn't even knew existed. 
3 families; 6 adults; 19 children
Last night we had the privilege and honor of sharing a picnic meal with
 Adam & Laura  and their six children from Six Little Arrows
and Arthur & Laura and their ten children from The Muncks Quiver. 
What a wonderful time of fellowship,
 encouragement,conviction, and friendship
all to the glory of the Lord. 


No Ordinary Me said...

Oh Emily, what a blessing. How wonderful. I would love to meet some of my fellow blog friends one day.

Praise the Lord for this blessing indeed.

Nabila Grace said...

How exciting! :o) That's great that you all could get together!

The Munck Family said...

Yes, one word sums it up...BLESSED, indeed we were blessed by our fellowship with you all.


Christie said...

How fun!!!

Alice said...

How I would have LOVED to have been there with my husband and little ones!!! What a blessing! :)

joyfilled said...

Wahhh...when will it be my turn?? ;)

Emily said...


It will be your turn when we can figure out the almost 2200 mile gap!!!!!!

Laura said...

We had such a wonderful time!! Hopefully we can do it again soon. Esther's face pretty much sums up my younger 4 that evening! Ha! What a face! We were completely falling apart!

Emily said...

You were not falling apart. You were human. And please take this in a good way but I needed to see that you were human. : ) I've been guilty of idolizing you and your family sometimes to the point of not enjoying my own family. : ( We had a wonderful time and I so look forward to the next time God allows us to get together!!!


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