Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy 4th Maggie!

Today was Maggie's 4th birthday. Today was the day that Jeremy and I were blessed to become parents together. Today was the day that Lord began the sanctification process of parenthood.

We (me, Maggie, Emma, Zion, Nana, Papa, and Melanie) drove drove the almost 2 hour drive to meet my sister Meri (who also drove almost 2 hours) to "pick" apples and enjoy the beauty of the season. It's become our annual fall fun. Sadly this year there is no baby growing in my tummy though. (Just a side note for ya.)

This year we picked a different apple farm that had a petting zoo and tractor rides, but it was not a u pick, at least not throughout the week. That was a far exchange to us.

The girls of course had a blast. The slide being the winning event of the day. I can't say that I blame them. Who wouldn't love a homemade slide like that!

I am so blessed to have parents how see my children as gifts and blessings and do not adapt the usual grandparent attitude of "spoil them and when you get tired of them send them home to mama". To have another set of godly adults to invent in their life is a treasure I do not take for granted.

Spending a day out in the beauty of God's creation, His glory, with "my" very own personal treasures from Him, what could be better; except of course if Daddy had of been there.

A good ol' family picnic (at the same place we went last year), buying apples in bulk to make apple butter (this will be a first), a little rock candy for girls, apple cider donuts for mommy and Nana, and a fresh fried apple pie for Papa and one for Daddy to go and the day was done.

A sleeping birthday girl, 

Her sister, 

And her brother. 

What a way to end a birthday. 


Jenna said...

Looks like you all had so much fun! Happy birthday, Miss Maggie!

joyfilled said...

Happy birthday miss Maggie!

Marissa said...

Happy birthday to Maggie!!

Nabila Grace said...

Aww Happy birthday to Maggie! It looks like you had tons of fun! Where did you go and pick apples? I have been wanting to go and pick them! :o)

Emily said...

Nabila Grace,

We went to Ellijay, Ga to pick our apples. I will be glad to send you a link to the farm if you would like. There is an orchard in Cleveland but it's not a you pick! : (

Laura said...

Wonderful pictures, and what great fun!! Happy Birthday (late) to Maggie!


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