Monday, January 31, 2011

GVS "A Mail Order Tradition"

I was recently introduced to a Mennonite Mail-order catalog called GVS. I first loved it because it had no website. It was mail or phone order only. I mailed off my catalog request and was pleased to receive it soon after. I probably looked through the catalog over a dozen times. It has all sorts of things. Here is a list of the sections.

- Outdoor Wear
- Baby Needs
- Hair Accessories, Handkerchiefs
- Footwear
- Men's and Boys' Wear
- Thermal Wear and Underwear
- Maternity
- Sewing Supplies
- Stickers, Toys, Games, Puzzles (Melissa and Doug, old fashion toys, sweet dolls, etc)
- Books, Coloring Books, Cookbooks (some Rod & Staff books, Golden Books, etc)

My mom purchased the adorable Rag Dolls at the top about mid day on Friday and the mail lady brought them to the door today, Monday....and we didn't pay for extra shipping. Amazingly fast. If you are at all interested in classic toys, simple living, or innocent shopping I suggest giving them a call  or dropping them a note for a catalog request.

PO Box 310
Versailles, MO 65084


Serena said...

Lovely! I've requested a catalog. Thank you for sharing.

Matthew 10:16 said...

I used to order from this catalog when my girls (the two youngest) were
small. Could not remember the name for several years now. As soon as I saw this I knew it was the right one.

I'm hoping to find the 100% cotton under clothing my mother needs. It is a wonderful resource for so many things! Thanks so much for posting.

Your have a lovely family!

Many blessing to you and yours.


andrea chiu said...

It is so good to see something very interesting in your site that I can't stop on reading. This is so good article ever. Thank you for sharing and for inspiring your readers. Have a good day!



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