Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Moor and Boor

Moor and Boor - the (new) Family Fish

As I mentioned earlier this pregnancy hasn't come without it's complications and concerns. I had abdominal pain before I even knew I was pregnant. I had an appointment with my ob/gyn but cancelled it when I found out we were expecting. I ended up going for an emergency Dr appointment last Thursday. I was having sharp shooting pains on my right side. The pain was barely tolerable but the fear was not.

They did an u/s to check the location of the baby and to find out a due date since I haven't had a cycle since June of 2009. The baby is indeed in the proper place but there is tear around the sac which could be the cause of the pain....or not. It could have been caused by heavy lifting.  Regardless of the pain, I have been put on light duty, no heavy lifting (such as large 10 month olds) or heavy housework until my next appointment the beginning of March in order to prevent, Lord willing, something undesirable happening. Lay on the couch she says. Inside I laughed. Who with 3 children can lay on the couch?

My darling husband and my priceless mother have been doing more than their share of helping out. If I don't do any heavy lifting the pain is nominal. If I pick up Zion or something else slightly heavy, I will notice sharp pain within a few minutes. The pain is bearable but it makes me sick to my stomach to know there is a complication which could be fatal. Of course I still have all day and into the night sickness, along with fatigue beyond functionality.

My sweet husband took the girls out for an ice cream outing on Saturday and somehow they ended up at the pet store. When they got back Jeremy and I discussed getting a hamster. Then a guinea pig, then a rabbit, then a cat, and finally settled on two fish. I would love to have both (another) cat and a dog. But the location of our house is not conducive to inside/outside animals. Hence the death of our last poor kitty. So for now we are the proud owners of two fish, Moor and Boor.


Christine said...

Praying for you, dear Emily! I am thankful that your wonderful hubby and mother are so helpful.Blessings, dear friend.

Nabila Grace said...

Love your new fish! ;o) I want to get Ayden a fish! :o) Sorry you are on bed rest! I should come over and help out on my day off :oD Please rest and take care of yourself my dear! I will pray specifically that God will heal the tear! *hugs*

The Munck Family said...

We are "AL" Praying for you Emily! Rest, yes that is what you need to do...And NO lifting!!! Yay, for Jeremy and your sweet Mama from all the wonderful help.

Just remember a few weeks to heal will pass quickly (as I hope your sickness does as well). The things that you cannot do during this time will and can wait until your better. Even the time that you may need to rest and not play with the children, they truly won't miss. Take care of baby and yourself, all the other "stuff" will still be around when your for the kids snuggle, hug, and read to them...BUT don't lift ;)

My love to you,

Laura said...

I'm glad you're trying to take it easy, Emily! Praying that everything looks perfectly normal at your next appointment.

Quinn said...

I'll continue to keep you and your little one in my prayers- I can only imagine how hard bed rest would be with all of those little ones, but it's temporary and so needful! That's your #1 job right now & I'm sure you'll do it well.

(I haven't had a cycle since 12-07 :D That's just another of the many, many perks to letting the Lord plan your family, isn't it?!)

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

Wow Quinn. You've got me bet by 2 years. I had one cycle after each of the girls before getting pregnant again. : ) This is my first break from nursing since 06 though. : )

No Ordinary Me said...

I will pray for you for sure. I did't know you were pregnant. I guess I missed it. I haven't been able to read much lately. BUt I will interecede for you and I am glad youhave some help.

Delilah said...

I am praying for you, Emily, and this precious baby. Take it as easy as you can, I know that is hard with 3 little ones!!Blessings, Delilah

Lauren Christine said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this! Take it easy darling. I know, much easier said than done. I'm so glad you have a wonderful husband and mother to help you out. I'll be praying for you. Love and Hugs.


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