Monday, May 23, 2011

The Dishes

I've been in a quandary over dishes since the girls started helping more setting the table and drying and putting away the dishes. I still like the dishes that I have but with a porcelain sink and ceramic tile floor we have lost more dishes than I can count. Plus they are so heavy that I am worried it would break a toe or foot if the littles one dropped.

I looked into Corelle dishes but didn't care for the reviews, especially about how they break into a million pieces when they do break. I saw on Sherry's blog a few months ago that they used stainless steel and thought 'wow that's my answer'. Well finding them proved to be a different matter all together. I was so excited to come home from camping on my birthday and find my table set with brand new stainless steel dishes from Academy Sports.

I have been using them this past week and am so pleased with them. They wash so easy and nothing gets stuck on them. They do great in the dishwasher although they are prone to water spots, which does not bother me. The only complaint is that they get really hot with hot food and really cold with cold food. So make sure to put them on the table before filling the dish or else use caution. : )


Laura said...

Nice! I'm so glad you got them. We have a few Corelle dishes, and they do break into a million pieces (on our tile floor!). The pieces are razor sharp too. When I was growing up we actually had a Corelle bowl explode in the cupboard...the door was closed and no one was anywhere near it. Strange!

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

That's crazy. I had a toaster oven door do that one time. Completely crazy!


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