Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We were very blessed to receive a gift card to Applebee's in appreciation for Jeremy's speech at the Crown Financial Money Map Coach Quarterly Meeting this week. 

Just the two (three counting baby) were able to spend some time together Saturday. We parked at Jeremy's office downtown and walked 1 mile to Applebee's, ate way too much, and walked the mile back to the car. Made me feel not so bad about all I ate. My varicose veins, well that's another story. 

Then Sunday evening, Jeremy treated us all to a baseball game of our hometown team. It was hot, so hot and sunny so sunny. We didn't even get there until about 6:30 but the sun was starting us in the face. 

It went fairly well for us all to be sweating and sticky. Zion wanted to climb up and down the bleachers, which was not good. 

But the girls made "friends" with a little 4 year old girl who seemed to have brought half her toy closet. So they were well entertained. 

And once the sun finally slipped behind the mountain it was much more enjoyable. Zion was excited to be able to drink unlimited amounts of fluids and quack us with the handheld fan. 

We left during the 7th inning, around 9PM and got to ride the open trolley to our car. I didn't get any good pictures of our actual Memorial Day feast. But just know it was sticky and high in carbs and super yummy!!!

For a great post on the history of Memorial Day visit sweet Laura at the Muncks Quiver. 

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Lauren Christine said...

Y'all are just the cutest couple ever! Happy Memorial Day!


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