Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Celebration of 3

She's not quite 3 but come Tuesday she will be. Today was the day to celebrate not only Emma's 3rd birthday but also our joining of the church and Jeremy's baptism. God is good and it feels so good to be in line with His plan regarding the church body and baptism. 

My "great" plan this time was to make simple cupcakes look like ice cream on cones. After searching the Internet I found an easy simple video. It of course wasn't as easy or as quick as it looked. : ) The girls loved helping and we had a good time. That's what matters. 

A few presents were in order. I find it such a challenge at each birthday to buy items that are not just toys, or self serving, or things they don't need but yet things that they will enjoy, use frequently, and be profitable to the family. 

Both the girls enjoyed the opening of the gifts. Emma kept saying over and over, "I'm so excidy (excited)". 

We settled on a Gone Fishing Game, new coloring books, an easy puzzle, new PJ's, Question with Answers CDs (similar to the First Catechisms), and a bubble blower. 

It was a great day after a really rough 3 weeks of sick babies and LOTS of laundry from sickness. 

Mama and baby #4 really enjoyed the cake and ice cream. Although I'm pretty sure we over did the sugar, seeing as how the sugar crash has set in. 

This little red head brings us so much joy and excitement (and sanctification). I thank God for allowing us the pleasure of loving her and training her. May we always rise to the calling of raising her in righteousness. 


JoyFilled said...

Happy *almost* birthday, miss Emma!

Lauren Christine said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! :) What a fun day to have, and what a blessed day for your husband's baptism. How exciting! Hugs!

Christine said...

Happy almost birthday Emma! Three is fun!

Tiffany said...

OMGosh Em! She's 3 already!? How time flies! Love the cupcake idea!

Happy Birthday Miss Emma!


Laura said...

Happy Birthday to Emma!!! I love all the pictures. You did a great job on the ice cream cupcakes!


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