Tuesday, July 26, 2011

16 and 2

It's been 16 months to the day since I stood beside Zion's first crib. It was a totally unexpected turn of events but Lord taught us so much through those 11 days and the months to follow.

From the beginning of the pregnancy to today, his 16 month birthday, he has broken all rules for normal. I must admit when we found out that we were having a boy, I was disappointed. Even with 2 girls I wanted another girl. But I had no idea what was in store for being a boy's mama.  

He is 100% different than the girls in every way.  He loves to cuddle and give lots of facial love. : ) 

He's quite in dependent though and usually content to roam on his own. His roaming often involves lots of trouble. He is constantly making noises but uses very little, if any, words. He says 'thank you' very clearly but other than that we occasionally get a 'mama, daddy, or nana' and that's it. I hesitate to even say he says anything since it's so rare! 

He loves to climb (beds, chairs, tables, anything) and takes a LOT of spills and falls. He's had more bumps and bruises and near death experiences. I am not going to document those. I am praying I forget them. 

He enjoys his ride on toys and anything that he can pull or push or beat people with (such as swim noodles, brooms, mops, etc).

He is majorly addicted to his paci but I am being lazy and not doing the hard thing and dealing with the emotions and attitudes that come with long term removal. 

He sleeps well at night in his crib and his nap times are easy. I usually lay down in the bed with him, he snuggles up and goes to sleep. Not the best practice but compared to how we rocked, sang, bounced, etc the girls to sleep this is much better. : )

*this is soup he dunked his head in, not blood

If his sisters are doing something he is bound to be in the mix, working hard to mess it up and bring chaos to a normally quite activity. 

He LOVES to eat and I have found few things that he will not devour within seconds. He's known for his food stealing skills and for eating with one foot propped up on his highchair tray. He lost 2 pounds when he was sick last month but in the past 2 weeks he has gained those 2 plus some. Last time weighed him, which was last week, he was weighing about 28 1/2 pounds. *sigh* And I think at it his last dr appointment he was 31 1/2 inches long. Not sure about that though. 

All you have to do is look at him and he breaks into a smile. He laughs so easy and enjoys so much. He's a mama's boy and a daddy's little man. He is so attached to Jeremy and it makes my heart melt. I do love to see him love his daddy so much. 

For all his giggles and grins, he has a temper like I have never seen. He can throw some of the ugliest, most sinful fits. I didn't know something so little be so um..... forceful. Mind you, these fits, these "lovely" displays of flesh, do not go unpunished. 

And 2 months from today, Little baby #4, also known as Katie (if she/he is indeed a girl) is due. There is no updated picture or stats. I'll work on that post later.


Jenna said...

Lol! He is SUCH a boy! Reminds me so much of my Trey. Well of both my boys really. And I agree, girls and boys are so different even at such a early age. Did you guys ever hear back about the blood work you had done?
I love the name Katie. :) That's my sister's name (spelled Katy).

The Munck Family said...

Oh so precious!!! Boys are different and so much fun!!!! Enjoy your boy and all that comes with being a boys Mama:)

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...


Would you believe that Zion's blood work and the 3 kiddos stool samples came back negative for everything they tested them for. Praise the Lord it cleared up a few days later on it's own. Zion actually has had some stomach problems the last two days but he is cutting some teeth so I pray thats it this time. : )

Christine said...

Congrats, Katie is such a pretty name. Having three girls and a boy is so much fun! Zion is such a cutie!

Bria Crawford said...

Such irresistible cuteness! He favors Emma a lot. I'm envious of that black head of hair!
I can't wait to see your new little one! Hang in there!

Kelly at Home said...

He is such a treasure, Emily! I love the picture of him underneath of the side table, that's totally Libby, too, LOL. I think they'd be buddies. ;o) Katie is such a great name!! It's my best friend's name. :o)


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