Thursday, January 19, 2012

4 Months

Miss Katie Ellis turned 4 months old today and weighs 13 pounds 8 ounces. My smallest 4 month old so far.  She went for her 5th physical therapy appointment. She's been going once a week but since she is doing so well she doesn't go back for 2 weeks. Her neck is greatly improved and her head is reshaping to be more symmetrical. She doesn't cock her as much as she did. You can see in the above picture that it's only slightly cocked. 

She is doing great on her stomach and can almost roll from back to front. She's still gets stuck on her side. She enjoys sitting in the bumbo and do great sitting up in our laps. She still sleeps in my bed but not on my arm all night, just most of the night. She is quite restless during the night and nurses often . 

She is very content and laid back as long as I haven't eaten anything that upsets her. And like I shared the other day, I'm still 100% sure of everything that she is sensitive to. But I'm learning. When I've eaten something bad, we all know it because she doesn't sleep well and she screams.... a lot. I carry her around facing out on my hip most all the time and she still naps in her swing during the day. 

I must admit I love the fact that she is getting older. I love it when they interact and start playing with toys. I get excited about it getting closer to the time when I can start introducing simple foods. For the most part, I do not have happy infants. So in our family with age seems to comes more contentment which in turns brings a more peaceful home. 


Nikki said...

I just stopped by so thought I would leave a quick comment.My littlest is four months too.:)I will have to stop by again.

Cinnamon said...

What a cutie pie! She just needs extra loving right now as you figure out her food allergies. Believe it or not she will get better as she gets older. Then in a couple years this will be a distant memory. So keep smiling and kissing and loving those sweet little babies :-)

Oh Rosie loved her Bumbo too. Now it's tucked away in case any more babies come along.


Laura said...

What a sweetheart! She's looking more and more like Maggie.

Alice said...

I was thinking the same as Laura - she looks so like Maggie to me! She's lovely!

Rachel said...

Good morning, Emily. First, thank you for your sweet comment about my Samuel on my blog. Second, your little one is very cute. I'm not sure why you're doing the pt -- torticolis {Sp}perhaps? My Elijah had to do pt when he was young for that as well. It took a couple of months, but it did work.

Now, onto your questions about gluten and breastfeeding. Yes, it did affect Samuel. In fact, when he was diagnosed with Celiac Disease they told me that I needed to go off gluten as well since I was still breastfeeding him. I haven't had gluten since. When I think back to his younger months -- he always seemed to have problems with his bowels. In fact if you read my post Starstuck one year later {I'll find it -- I think it's in June 2011} I wrote about how I was already picking up on tummy issues months before he went into Celiac crisis.

He was a very mellow baby, but always had severe problems with his bowels. Once we eliminated gluten {and dairy for six months because many people who have Celiac Disease undiagnosed also develop a temporary lactose intolerance} that pain went away.

I hope this helps. It's hard when they're little to figure it all out and it sure does hurt a momma's heart.

Praying for you, and blessed by your kind comments and encouraging words.

Rachel @ finding joy


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