Wednesday, February 22, 2012

An Emma Moment

Today Mom and I were cleaning up the kitchen while the children were in the living room. Mom was looking for a pink bag that she brought from her house with some of her things in it.  As I walked into the living room I saw that the back door was open and Emma was in the van. I went outside to see what she was doing and she said," I looking for Nana's pink bag. Maybe it's in the car." Oh, melt my heart. Sweet girl. She wasn't even a part of the conversation or even in the same room. Not only did she initiate her own search but she went outside to the van (which is only about 4 feet from our back door) by herself, which is a big deal to her at 3 years old. Oh, these moments are priceless. Lord please let me remember them and if not then please let me keep rememberance of them on my blog/blur book. : )


Cinnamon said...

A willing and cheerful little girl is a shining jewel in the home!


Laura said...

What a sweetie! She's getting so big.


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