Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Maggie Moment

This was a post started prior to surgery that never got worked on.

Several days prior to my surgery I was being "lazy" and snuggling in the bed with Katie rather than getting up and starting the day. Maggie woke up early and came into my room. After snuggling with us for a few moments she got up to go to the bathroom. After she finished, she started cleaning up my room. It was a mess, I do confess. She put things up and straightened up without being asked or prompted. It was a tender moment and such a blessing to see her sweet heart and thoughts played out.

It is a joy beyond words to see glimpses of some those hard years of training bringing forth good fruit. So often I felt like my words fell on deaf ears and my actions were being seen by blind eyes.


mommalovingjesus said...

I completely understand and feel the same way so often. But God in his goodness gives us glimpses of these wonderful children he's given us and what they are learning through us (and HIM of course) that are such a blessing and encouragement.

Cinnamon said...

Love the tenderness going on in your. You are so right to write them down to remember them.


Laura said...

Maggie is great example to her younger siblings. I love the picture of her reading to Katie.


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