Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1/2 Year Birthday

hanging out in the basement during Tornado Friday

Katie turns 6 months old today. My sister in law turns 34 tomorrow and my dad turns 65 on Wednesday. Happy times!

Katie has been released from her physical therapy. She has full range of motion in her neck and is considered normal in all her activities. One check is still slightly smaller than the other but her had completely reshaped itself and is uniformal all around. 

her talented self, sitting up in her swing - not my favorite trick!

She is still on reflux medicine. I'm not sure when I'm willing to try to see if she's outgrown the painful reflux.  I wish I could say she is sleeping better and nursing less but she's not. Once we move, I do plan to get a little more aggressive with letting her fuss more at night and try to go more than 2 or 3 hours between feedings. 

We've done some damage spoiling her here at mom's. She now thinks it is a must for someone hold her and play with her. So we will have some adjusting to do once we move and there's not extra adults to cater to her every desire. 

an older picture where she still tilted her head

She's a bundle of joy with big smiles and funny mannerisms and a high pitched squeal. She's working on sitting up alone for longer than a 20 seconds at a time. : ) She does good if she stays still but once she gets to moving she falls right over. She is enjoying bananas, carrots, and sweet potatoes. So far that's all I've found that she likes.... except for those licks from her sister's Popsicle. : )


Christine said...

I cannot believe that she is six months already! What a cutie! :)

The Munck Family said... did 6 months go so fast!!! Thrilled her neck is healed! What a precious family you have, praying for you all and the move ahead.


Laura said...

What sweet pictures!! Happy 6 months to Katie!

Cinnamon said...

and she is sooo cute! She looks wonderful and happy.

Spoiled....I could relate to that. I was so worried about Rosie being spoiled as we had to hold her so much because she would just cry and cry. But you know what....she's all balanced out now and we don't have to hold her all the time. She wanders around most of the time playing and visiting with the children.

I'm sure Katie will find her balance and sleep wonderfully.

Rosie went from being up every few hours to sleeping all night. Most nights I can enjoy a full nights sleep :-) So be encouraged, this season will pass quickly.



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